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    Hey - yes we are still kicking... been too busy to do much updating to the site... you know how it goes, the mechanic never has time to fix his own car?  Same here - but we have been very busy this year.  Here below are some of the things we have been working on - hopefully we will do more on these stories for you soon. 

   New changes to browser's security have knocked out most of the older online radio players in the sites so we researched and came up with some great looking players that use HTML5 and should work on most devices and browsers.  And they work great too! Check www.HeartOfGoldRadio.com for a working example.

    Also we see some changes in what the regulators of copyrighted music want from online stations - and we discuss some ways to help keep those who are trying to be compliant fully legal and maybe reduce their fees too.. more details later..


internet product smallthumbnail 5    In response to needs we have seen from some of our clients we are now offering complete packages for small to medium sized online radio broadcasters. Let Common Sense Sites help with the complicated mess of getting online streaming radio going for you.  We prefer a setup where the streaming radio host and website host are seperate so that if one goes offline with any problems you will not lose both your site and your radio all at once and the price examples listed here are for that type of setup. If you prefer, there are some server providers that can do both in one system for a bit less money.

This includes setting up an initial website with various information showing in realtime about your station, the current song, how to tune in, how to request or comment, and the last songs played.

Common Sense Sites will contact and setup your stations streaming audio hosting with one of the more reliable providers in the USA, and configure your webpages to work with that hosting. All you have to do is add the music and/or stream to your station - and we can help you get going with all of that.


Starting packages, depending on number of listeners and quality can be quite affordable. Check with us for more information.

Ongoing monthly costs for the stream and web hosting together can be under $25 for a package capable of supporting 50 listeners with a quality of 96kbps stream.

    Contact us today for the URLs of some existing stations we have done and check them out then shout back to let us know if we can help you get your broadcasting on the internet soon.





   Over the last four months we have been working to improve the ranking of some of our more popular sites - using some very simple tools and editing the way the site is scanned by search engines.  

   The results have been very good.  

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