For those of you who do not know already, JOOMLA is a CMS software.  A CMS or Content Management System is a rather complex group of thousands of files and small programs that let a website become more than just static pages you pay a developer $$ to update once or twice a year.  Properly setup, you can use a Joomla website to make your site more readable for all devices including smartphones, tablets and various full computers.  Properly setup Joomla sites can easily change their look or color scheme with a few simple clicks - even if you have hundreds of pages.  

   Furthermore - the Joomla CMS software is free - and open source developement project with many thousands of users contributing and improving it each year. Many modules or components can be added to Joomla to make it into a store, a real estate site, a blog - almost anything you can think of.  We use a Joomla CMS here for Common Sense Sites and many of our more advanced sites for clients are Joomla based.  While it takes a bit more work and understanding to setup well, it gives so much more flexibility and makes it easy for you to easily edit, add or delete content on your site.  

  If you are interested - give us a shout - and for more information go to and find out what a great system Joomla is and how many sites on the Internet are using Joomla.

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