Site News

    We will soon be placing some of our more public Joomla extensions here for download and setting up an automatic update system for them so that if you use one of them it will show when it needs updating within your Joomla Administrator dashboard. 

     In keeping with the philosphy here at CSC, we will try to have easy to use, simple and helpful modules and components for your Joomla site.  Coming soon!   First one will be a better type of module that displays a count of your user database. With some of our sites experiencing huge floods of spam users many of which never fully activate - it is good to have a reminder of the total number of users when you sign into your site.  This can of course be set to display to admins, managers, or all users depending on your need. Look for the CSC USERCOUNT module soon.  (beta testing now - write if you wish to try it.)


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