Over the last four months we have been working to improve the ranking of some of our more popular sites - using some very simple tools and editing the way the site is scanned by search engines.  

   The results have been very good.  

      While we get those advertisements about improving our search engine ranking as often if not more than you do, we know that many of the claims of raising your number of visits is not realistic and the costs that some of these places charge is likely quite a rip-off.  Others will claim to enter your site in hundreds of "popular directories of sites" for a small fee.  As you can do that yourself its already a questionable value, and really - other than the bigger search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing - why bother?  

    Getting listed in "Billy Bob's list of farm implement sites" is not likely to be helpful for many of us.  And while that is a fictitious example - you can get the picture.  Being listed on hundreds of seldom heard of places is not likely to help you much.

   In studies recently it seems Google is really working hard to be the best search engine and much of what they seek these days is content.  The content of your site is a big part of what they rank your site with - not just keywords, meta-tags and how many back links you have to your site.  While those features are still important, Google is trying to look for solid content that matches what someone searches for and so having a site with good useful content, and hopefully fresh content from time to time, will help you rank higher on the Google searches.

   It is a bit confusing - and no one guarantees that it will stay the way it is now for very long, but you can see examples quickly of how it works.  We have a group of sites that are for local areas - showing technology businesses in a particular city or area.  They often show as the top or in the first page on Bing and Yahoo, but seldom on Google.  As it is estimated that Google does quite a bit more of the search traffic in the world over the others all combined, this is important to us - if we want our sites to be easy to find.   Some experiments have  led us to various ways to improve the sites rankings - and for example on our online radio station sites, most have had some very good results.  Looking at the ALEXA popularity ranking for example, these sites have moved steadily up the list each of the last 4 months and most of them were not even in the ALEXA list to begin with after over a year online.  Most of these are now in the ALEXA USA rating - showing in the top 2 million of sites for the USA.  While they are along way from competing with AMAZON or CNN, these improvements in the rankings show that these simple tools and some effort do pay off.  All of our site packages include some simple SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work and we will work with those who need extra effort on SEO - just contact us and we can discuss your individual needs and what to do to help. 




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